M2-#502 (XLG) Stainless Steel
Marsha Lega strives to create stainless steel and copper sculptures that appear to float across the wall, denying their usual heaviness and attachment to supporting forms. The sculptures cleanness of line makes them appear effortless in execution, again denying the real difficulty in cutting and forming heavy metal. Changing and controlling industrial material in such a way as to bring out its beauty and humanity excites Lega. This fight to defy our usual relationship with sheet steel and copper expresses Marsha Legas personal fight to affect her surroundings. It echoes the struggle all humans have to mold, change, and influence the unyielding, unnatural world around them.
M5-F Table &#102*Stainless Steel

As Marsha Lega works, ideas evolve. The sizes, shapes, surfaces and materials change but the basic concepts of good design remain constant. The sizes of the sculptures vary from intimate to large freestanding pieces.

Lega continually searches for new and exciting forms to express her ideas.

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